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A little bit about me, Mike Cook. Cook-Designs is my small business and I handle everything to do with it. I started originally tinkering around with coding back in the Myspace days with simple HTML and CSS, not fully grasping the power that these simple tools held. It wasn’t until years later that, while working in a freezer warehouse, I injured my back and started researching and realizing that this could be a career, this could be something I can do with my life. Ever since I have been obsessed with building websites, learning as much as I can about coding and programming, and that’s part of what led me to start Cook-Designs.

The other part is I see a lot of businesses, especially those who have been struggling with everything that has happened in 2020. I see some businesses with websites that have potential but ultimately end up turning away customers because they look unprofessional or out of date. Then I found out how many companies are trying to take advantage of these people by charging them outrageously and then leaving them to be after they have thrown something together for them. My goal is to build relationships with people, understand that sometimes the financial, and time burden it can take to build an online presence, and learn about all these tools to use them effectively, and help them manage that. My goal with Cook-Designs is to help those that understand they need help with an online presence, even though they aren’t sure what kind of help they need precisely. At the same time treating them as I would expect to be treated, with respect, loyalty, and understanding..like family.

Web Design

Using CMS and custom code, I will design and build you a website aimed at bringing notice and potential customers to your business.

Web Development

I am certified In Web Design and Development, specifically focused on mobile, and I will use what I know to make sure that your site can be seen on all devices, from a computer to a tablet, to a mobile phone.


I will use the knowledge I have after getting to know about you and your business to help set up a brand for your site with my resources and skills to make it a unique representative of you and your company!

Domain Registration & Hosting

I will help you find and register the perfect domain for your site with my partnered domain registry, as well as set up a hosting domain for you that will be able to handle nearly unlimited amounts of visitors.



I will set up your website with top-ranking keywords, and phrases. I will use the tools I’ve acquired to set up your site to rank higher on Google Search Engine.

Long Term Commitment

My goal is to be the person that you rely on to keep your online presence spectacular. I will be committed to maintaining and updating your website long term. I do not intend on doing this quick project for you and walking away. I will be in your corner the whole time!

The Crew

Just kidding, it’s all done by me. Every once in a while my wife will help with photographs, but you will be one on one interacting and dealing with me from the start throughout everything. 

Mike Cook

Mike Cook


Recent Work

Some of the most recent projects I have had the honor to build and work on.

Gordon Highlanders Dance Studio

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