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Megan Cook Photography - Photography Blog Site

Using WordPress, as well as a mixture of themes and customizations, I built this beautiful website for a very talented photographer to showcase her amazing photo projects in a unique way!

Gordon Highlanders Dance Studio

Gordon Highlanders Dance Studio - Personal Business Site

The Gordon Highlanders were looking for just a basic site to get information out to the public about their dance studio. After getting to know them I realized that their website really needs to reflect them and their personality, which is fun and family-oriented. I accomplished that by using the CMS WordPress as well as customizing different aspects of certain themes, and the studio loves the site!


Lazy Dog Restaurant - *Redesign Delivery Service

The goal of this website was to redesign one of my favorite restaurants, in this case, Lazy Dog, and set it up to showcase for smaller businesses that are looking to implement an online delivery and ordering service for their restaurant so they stop losing money to apps such as Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates, etc. Using the WordPress CMS as well as a custom theme and a handful of plugins, I did just that!


Sandy's Pet Shop - Course Project

The goal of the project was to build a website for a fictional Pet store and have it set up for customers to make cleaning appointments. I added a little personality to it and had some fun with it by using my family and pets on the website. It was a challenging, but fun project.

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